Liberalism And The Progressive Era Essays

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Prior to the Progressive Era, industrialization, urbanization, and immigration had quickly changed the nation in dramatic ways, to such an extremity that Progressives believed the only way to fix problems was through government involvement. The political progressive reforms beginning in 1890 and further were mostly successful, even though some yielded muddled results. As a whole, many beneficial improvements were able to rise out of the Progressive Era that aided in ameliorating and shaping the way the United States presently functions, to an extent that made the era one of the most active periods for constitutional amendments. In comparison to the overall effectiveness of Populism and unionization, Progressivism easily suppressed both in relation to consistency, potency, and influence in their efforts to amend the complications stemming from the Industrial Revolution (Schultz 2014, 335).

Progressives believed that the needs and demands of American citizens were not being voiced in the political realm, brought about after the Galveston Hurricane of 1900, and strove to cease the corruption and laissez-faire complacencies that were occurring. As a result, many reforms emerged, with some working well and others not. Despite the fact that progressivism was birthed with the intent to clean up the nation’s cities (Schultz 2014, 335), pivotal acts emerged at local, state, and national levels:

In the municipal level of government, Progressives campaigned for and enacted housing…

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