Language Is The Complex System Of Communication Essay

1049 Words Mar 11th, 2015 null Page
Language was a creation of human and it has become a complex system of communication. Because language is greatly adaptive and flexible, it would constantly evolving and changing through time. Despite the fact that Language has different functions, they serve one main purpose. To make expression of one’s idea, thought and feeling. Specifically, language has four functions. They are expressive, informative, directive and survival. The first use of language is defined as expressive, it allows people to express how they feel. It is a combination of multiple form of languages. Here an example, Tom’s face was cheerless, when he stared at rain through the window. “Today is gonna be boring” he whined. Notice how Tom was sending a message? He was telling himself and the audience how he feels about the weather. In this case, Tom was complaining about the rain and showing no sign of interest. And because it’s clearly that he dislike the rain. Tom uses body language and spoken language expressively. Expressive language does not inform any kind of knowledge. Because it intends to show some feelings and these feelings only apply to the speaker in certain circumstance. However, expressive language play an important role in communicating, as it is often used in daily life. For instance, A patient was telling doctor about his symptom. This person didn’t feel very well and he seeked for help. Another example, a football player cried out in pain, he was tackled by a foul player, and he…

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