Essay on Lady Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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Have you ever said I’ll do anything to get something done? In society we do that a lot not really understanding the meaning of anything. Humanity never wants to take that next step to absolutely do anything to make sure they have what need in life. Sooner or later we have to understand the actual meaning of anything. In Macbeth the character’s do exactly anything to make sure they get what they want. As the readers you would think that it’s the men doing all the action making the plans but in this play it starts backwards. The women take control first then the men step up, Lady Macbeth states: Come, you spirits That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here, and fill me, from the crown to the toe, top-full of direst cruelty! make thick my blood, Stop up the access and passage to remorse. (I, V,12)
She’s saying she wants to become a man so that she doesn’t feel anything. Lady Macbeth wants to be able to do these horrible things she has planned and not feel bad about it. She knows that if she goes into this with the mindset of a woman she will feel some type of remorse and back out or not be able to keep calm when all as been done. Unfortunately, that is the best way to look at this situation. Women in today’s society will say such gruesome things but will never follow up on it because most of humanity approach such violent situations with a full mind and a conscience, sadly that’s just how women are whether as a whole society agrees…

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