Knowledge Increases Sorrow Essay examples

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Muhammad Ali Fawad
Dr. Aamna Khalid
Writing and Communication (SS-100)
17 March 2013
“He That Increases Knowledge Increases Sorrow”
Philosophers have struggled with answering the question of the meaning of life since the time of Plato. In attempts to answer this question they, have deconstructed this idea and have, in the process, isolated the components of what makes life meaningful. Among the many components one is the drive to seek wisdom and knowledge in order to “avoid suffering caused by ignorance and finding happiness.” (Gyatso, The Meaning of Life: Buddhist Perspectives on Cause and Effect, 78). There are many discrepancies present as to what constitutes knowledge. Presently the terms ‘knowledge’ and ‘information’ have become
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Since the people who have a desire to know more about the world, they are subjected to different opinions both which they agree and disagree with. They can use the opinions they agree with to argue against the ones they disagree with; now their arguments hold more substance as they can refute more of the opposition’s claims. As L.H. Warren says in his essay “Arguments are won by people who have the facts. They are won when the opponent cannot punch holes in what is presented. The person with less knowledge of a subject is usually the one who presents an argument in which the opponent can easily punch holes.” (Is Knowledge Truly Power)

Having knowledge of any particular type or even a lot of knowledge about a lot of will not guarantee that a person will become president of a large corporation or of a country. It will not necessarily guarantee an amazing income, and it certainly won't guarantee freedom from some illnesses or losses in life. Generally, in all areas of life knowledge is power; and it is those who have knowledge who will succeed in any of those areas while those who have little knowledge are the ones most likely to remain powerless (L. H. Warren Is Knowledge Truly Power).
People who argue that knowing only causes sorrow, pessimism, depression and a morbid view of life also suggest a solution. They suggest that you can stop knowing and embrace ignorance. These

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