Killing Is Wrong, The Truth Is Right And Wrong Essay

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Dirce Schuler Most everyone has a sense of what is right and wrong. Killing is wrong, helping others is right. Lying is wrong, telling the truth is right. But where does our sense of right and wrong come from, and is that source adequate? For years scientists, philosophers, and psychologists have sought out the answers to where we get our sense of right and wrong. The two main sources of our morality are biological (moral realism) and cultural influences (relativism) and those sources are usually an adequate means of determining right from wrong. We get our sense of morality from many places such as evolution, innate tendencies, family, media, religious beliefs, etc. Many people tend to view morality as black and white. During the twentieth century, many scientists and philosophers either believed that morality was objective or subjective, but not both. However, recently in the twenty first century, many people have started believing that morality consists of the two. We are all born with at least some innate sense of what is right and wrong and then as we grow and mature into adults, our culture influences those innate morals. In a widely known study by Dr. Kiley Hamlin and her colleagues, they tested preverbal babies for moral senses of right and wrong. They would take each baby and show them a puppet show in which there are three puppets. A puppet was trying to climb a hill and another puppet tried to push them back down the hill and then another puppet…

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