Killing His Wife Essay

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Affairs of the Courtroom: Fernando de Medina Confesses to Killing His Wife

In the introduction of this chapter, we learn that on November 28th, 1595 Gaspar de Peralta, a judge for the Royal Audiencia of Charcas, answered a call from his next-door neighbor’s house. Once he entered the house, he found a domestic horror scene. Having entered the bedroom, Peralta found his chief scribe and the secretary of the audiencia (Fernando de Medina) standing over the bloody bodies of his wife and her lover, Beatriz Gonzalez. Fernando de Medina (the Husband) immediately confessed to murdering his wife and her love. He proceeded to tell the judge of his wife’s long- term affair with Beatriz Gonzalez. Fernando de Medina believed that it was his
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The passage goes on to say that the husband needed to prove that he was trying to protect his honor, and not punishing his wife and lover. The situation becomes even more complicated because the husband is the chief scribe. This chapter was a major eye opener at the way that things were in the 1500s’. After reading this passage I have several different inturpitation and opinion, for example the basic question was, was the wife really unfaithful? This passage does not allow the wife side of the story, because it’s told because of her death. In the first document, the husband says, that all his staff, and common people were aware of this affair and will testify to that fact, he also mentions that the children would be willing to testify against the mother. This document show what the way of life was, basically showing two things. During this time period women were not viewed as individual people, more of the property of the men, once married the second and most relevant was the fact that during this time period it wasn’t so much the law that people had to worry about it was their honor. The fact that this man (the husband) worked as the chief scribe and was a respected member of the town/society it was more important that he keeps his honor, the murder was acceptable only if he proved he did it, to keep his

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