Essay on Keys to Personal Leadership - Initiative and Self Reliance

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KEYS TO PERSONAL LEADERSHIP - initiative and selfreliance
Mr. Ronay’s history encompasses 35 years of leadership as a CEO, consultant, founder, trainer, and coach in technology, life style, leadership, change management, and disruptive businesses domestically and internationally. He has devoted much energy to public service and volunteer organizations. Written for the Aug Austin Software Council newsletter.. June, 2001

The ability to lead is a peculiar combination of human characteristics equal to, if not more important than the ability to discover, to invent, and to create. Invention results from the experiment with the unknown; leadership, by contrast, grows out of experience with what is already known. The Austin Software Council was
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I've extolled the importance of enthusiasm. I've shared the importance of building on the basics, about belief, about winners and losers, time organization, prospecting, positive expectancy, attitude, and personal freedom. I’ve dissected, synthesized, and analyzed leadership traits within my experience and that of many others.

One of the most difficult traits to ingrain is accepting personal responsibility. Within leadership personal responsibility is held together by its companions initiative and selfreliance.

Without initiative and selfreliance, goal setting, as a tool of leadership, is an exercise in futility. I've seen individuals set goals and lacking in initiative and selfreliance go the way of weight loss intentions -- that's the end of it. Without initiative and selfreliance, affirmations become a mocking repetition, prospecting an exercise in card/note shuffling, enthusiasm a staged, plastic hollow echo.

Without initiative and selfreliance, the basics of leadership remain as paper theories, time organization becomes planned procrastination, positive expectancy becomes wishful thinking. How can you recognize a leader with initiative? One who has initiative looks around, sees a need, acts without being told what to do or when to do it.

Leadership initiative makes it possible for you to reject being a puppet only moving when someone else moves your string. Instead, you take charge of your own life, you wind your own clock.

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