Essay about Kate Chopin 's An Act Of Vengeance By Isabel Allende

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Freedom is a word that lots of people desire. Freedom is not only meant physically free, it also points to the freedom of the soul. It seems like we are always restricted by something: unlimited homework, family, even children in the future. As the result, we should be more independent. I cannot say that freedom has the necessary relationship with independent, but somehow, we can link them together. Just like “The story of an hour” by Kate Chopin and “An act of vengeance” by Isabel Allende. These two female writer used different styles of short stories to express the same idea of their point which is feminism. Back in the time period where two female writers lived in, it was a time which a woman has no rights to anything. They had to rely on their husband or their family. “ Freedom” might be a word they desire about. Many women or wives share the same situation together: their husbands go out to play, to drink, even find a prostitute, but those poor women must stay at home do nothing except waiting and waiting. Under this pressure, women start to fight for their own right and be independent. The different kind of women using their own way to express the anger and what they want. Chopin and Allende use the word to describe the desire of each woman. “Free! Body and soul free!(Page 91, line 10) ” Mrs. Mallard kept whispering at story “The story of an Hour.” This can reflect that Mrs. Mallard was always hoping that she can be free, either physically and her weakness soul. At…

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