Kant 's Philosophy Of God Essay

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The actions we take in life or to say the choices we make in life is what Immanuel Kant presents in his book. Kant tells us that we have a duty to do what is morally right, and that we us a concept of a priori to determine if something is good or if we “ought” to do it. We will look at Kant view of our accepting God and the Bible, and if it is from pre-knowledge, from duty, or priori.
Even the Holy One of the gospel must be compared with our ideal of moral perfection before his is recognized as such. Even he says of himself, ‘Why do you call me (whom you see) good? None is good (the archetype of the good) except God only (whom you do not see).’ But whence have we the concept of God as the highest good? Solely from the idea of moral perfection, which reason frames a priori and connects inseparably with the concept of a free will. Imitation has no place at all in moral matters.
Kant implies that we must compare what we think is morally perfect to even recognize God, and he backs this up by quoting Jesus. He does this by implying that Jesus first had to look at himself to see if he is as good as the father, than make the decision of if he is or not. In this case Jesus recognized that God was greater then he, and chose to state that God is good. Kant is saying human beings determine the good outside of themselves, and Christian understanding says that humans encounter the good sand discover that it is there. He then uses his term “priori” and mixes it with free will to…

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