Juvenile Delinquency And The United States Essay

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Overview of the problem
Juvenile delinquency has become a major issue in the United States. Many people believe that juvenile delinquency is out of control and is no longer a social problem that can be ignored. On average 2 million juveniles arrested and more than 60 000 kept every year, the United States imprisons a bigger extent of young people than some other nations ( Barnert el al.2015). Juvenile delinquents are underage minors generally around the ages 10 through 18 who commit serious crimes. Today in several states youth the age 17 can be tried as an adult and younger depending on the severity of the case. With juvenile delinquency on the rise the future of the United States is on the line. The children who commit these crimes need to be rehabilitated not thrown into prison. 1-3 Incarcerated youths speak to a high-risk, defenseless population with excessively high rates of unmet physical, formative, social, and psychological well-being, and higher mortality
How is the problem being defined?
Juvenile delinquents are individuals that the system has failed. They were not given the opportunity to change their situations as far as risk factors to change and do better for themselves. Juvenile delinquency is increasing because not all of the proper precautions have been taken. Many Juvenile delinquents have been sucked into the cycle of bad situations. It is not all these children’s fault that they were born with two strikes already putting them at high-risk to be an…

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