Junk Food Should Be Restricted Essay

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Junk food should be restricted in order to avoid addiction. Nowadays, the custom of consuming junk food is increasing day by day making it difficult for people to stop eating it due to its wide availability. Junk food can be seen everywhere, including markets, schools, and restaurants which make it impossible for people to neglect buying it. For instance, Joann Rodrigues, a girl who was addicted to sweets and other junk food, was consuming 15 bars of chocolate together with fast food every day until she became the biggest girl in her school. After 12 years, she decided to drop eating that much of junk food, but she couldn’t because every time she felt unhappy and lonely, she returned back to her tragic habit (Croce 1). Therefore, parents should monitor their children’s consumption of junk food in order not to reach addiction and obesity.
Advertisements on junk food also play an important role in influencing children’s food choices and consumption. Children are too young to distinguish between the deceptions of advertisements and the truth. For example, “Research has consistently demonstrated the effects of food advertising on children 's brand preferences, food choices, and requests to parents” (Harris and Graff 1). Additionally, numerous studies showed that junk food industries spend more than 1.6$ billion per year on marketing their products. It was estimated that a child views 13 food ads on television each day in addition to other marketing venues such as on the…

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