Judaism, Christianity, And Islam Essay

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Religions, by nature, were created to bring a group of likeminded people together, to help explain phenomenon’s that occurred in the world. This idea made sense in the time of their creations, except they failed to properly explain the phenomenon of basic human nature. Humans are incapable of peace in the long term, and ideas that were meant to unite, result in vast divisions. This is clearly evident in the historical events that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam created. The goals of the three ancient monotheist religions were clear and concise, to create a union with God and enjoy eternal life in the next world. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all have followers that have devoted themselves to this idea, and yet the only certain outcome of this belief is disunity and division. The time period which experienced the majority of this conflict was between the time of the ancient Hebrews, around 1300 BC, and the fall of Constantinople, in 1453 AD. Consequently, monotheist religions have done more in history to dissolve society than it has to unite it, and this can be demonstrated in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The Hebrew people of the province of Judah in Roman times, were one of the first people to realize the unity that monotheism could create, and also the enormous amount of disunity that was to come. An example of this disunity in Judaism occurs after the construction of the Temple of Solomon in 586 BC. When the Israelites conquered the Canaanites in 1030 BC, they…

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