Joseph Mercola's Opposing Viewpoints

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Opposing viewpoints

For my Opposing viewpoint I have decided to use Joseph Mercola. Mercola is known for his alternative medicine techniques, which is why I have used him as the opposer for HPV vaccines. Mercola is a well known Doctor, especially due to his own personal website that tries to debunk a lot of proven scientific methods for his own. Mercola is very willing to show his viewpoint, as is demonstrated by multiple appearances on radio and news shows. Such include “Today Show, CNN, ABC 's World News Tonight, The Dr. Oz Show” the list goes on 1. In one article he posts on his website, he goes about debunking the science behind the Gardasil vaccine, he even goes as far as mentioning how “Between May 2009 and September 2010, the adverse
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Although he may have stats to back his report up he also at multiple times bends the truth to make the vaccine look completely negative. As is the case with his quote above, although there may have been deaths there was no evidence to say that the Gardasil vaccine caused it, neither to say that even if the vaccine done something, it wouldn 't be able to make people kill themselves. Another way he bends the truth is when he mentions “Gardasil is designed to prevent only two of at least 15 strains of HPV that can lead to cervical cancer” and “Since there are at least 15 HPV strains that can lead to cancer, Gardasil vaccinated girls can still get cervical cancer from other 13 HPV strains not contained in the vaccine”. Although this is 100% true that Gardasil is designed to prevent two strains of HPV, they happen to be the two biggest which are present in over 70% of cervical cancer cases. One more example is when he mentions that HPV is “a vaccine used in the developed world, the science speaks for itself: Gardasil can 't - and never will replace Pap smears”. This is another example how he bends the truth to make the HPV vaccine seem like a bad thing. The only reason this is true that pap smears will never be replaced is because they are …show more content…
This group is the New Zealand Ministry of Health and their HPV project. Their aim is completely different and aims to treat people young women in New Zealand with a free HPV vaccinations of the frequently used Gardasil, explained above. However because of this exact reason they will obviously have some favour towards the HPV vaccine. This is because the HPV project is largely run by doctors, physicians, gynaecologist, nurses, General practitioners, Paediatrics etc full list in link5. The reason these people may lean towards generalised vaccinations is due to the fact they have been bought up in universities and medical facilities were vaccine were well establish and viewed as acceptable. It is good this 'for ' source is a more regional, New Zealand based source. It means they are thinking about all the implications that could possible affect the people of New Zealand, so it means when they make their decisions they will consider a range of factors and viewpoints. The main way they try and benefit young people in New Zealand is by two ways. The first being a variety of sources of information about the HPV and the vaccine that comes for it. This includes their main website, information pamphlet, TV ads and public visits to schools to talk to the kids. The second is through the use of freely administered vaccine to women between the ages of 9 and 20 by the NZ

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