John Keats : A Journey Into Imagination Essay

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John Keats: A Journey into Imagination John Keats (Oct 31, 1795 – Feb 23, 1821 (age 25)) masterfully crafted On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer which was written in 1816 to express his love of literature and the power it held. When he was a young boy (eight years old), he lost his father because he was trampled to death by a horse, and his mother from tuberculosis. As he was now alone, it left him devastated and depressed. It was shortly after his father passed, that he found his comfort in literature. Out of the 54 poems crafted, this was one of the few that were hopeful. The poem is separated into two sections; the first being an octet describing his reading experiences before reading Homer and the second section is a sestet which contrasts his experiences after reading it. In the beginning of this iambic pentameter poem, it focuses on “realms of gold”; seeing as there is no such thing as a realm of gold this has to be a state of imagination. Keats was very precise when deciding on his words because he tries to explain his escape to nature, his escape from the sad truth of reality that life is suffering. In the octet Keats express just how many books he has read, “MUCH have I TRAVELED” and the “realms of gold” could have many different meanings. Why didn’t Keats use the word lead or brass instead of gold? It was because the “realms” that he escaped to were far more valuable than the current one he was immersed in. Realms could also be a way to picture many…

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