JIT2 Risk Management Essay examples

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Task 1 (C) – JIT2 Risk Management
Western Governors University

C. Recommendations
Create an implementation plan in which you recommend ways of implementing, monitoring and adjusting the BCP.
For the task of creating a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), I will follow a logical and systematic formula for implementation, monitoring and reviewing the plan for United Health Group.
The goal is to minimize the impact of any disruption by containing it within a predictable and predetermined period of time. To do this, I recommend that this plan be developed and implemented with as many preventative controls, contingency resources, and procedures designed to allow the organization to quicky bounce back from any long-term business
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Having all the steps and procedures documented will make the adoption of the plan by the senior leadership more attainable. Reasons for having all aspects written down and easy to follow will serve to benefit the organization by instilling a organized structure to the process and identifies all the significant steps to follow in the case of a disaster. Also, have a coherent structure of the written plan will make it easier to insert new steps and updated instructions to older steps in a consistant fashion. Focus should be on developing a standard review process for the DR document by all relevant Disaster Recovery Committee memebers. Standardization will also play an important role when more than one person is charged with writing the various procedures. Steps need to be outlined for all facets of the business recovery process including before, during and after an actual disaster. A procedures must be developed and followed for the periodic review and maintenance of the document to accommodate movement of key individuals, unique business operational developments or any external impacts such as technology and vendor impacts. The identified individuals for the various department must be the process owners for the disaster plan is concerned. These teams should play a critical role in identifying known areas of concern and calling out any new items as they become known such as the specific processes they control,

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