Essay on Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte

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"Reader, I married him” (Bronte 517). These well known and short words are the first line we read in the closing chapter of Jane Eyre. As the reader we are addressed 37 times from the beginning of Chapter 11 to Chapter 38, Jane constantly addresses the reader to reassure us that she is not just blindly telling a story, but rather she is telling this story to a specific audience. As this story is about someone’s life, there is an essence of Jane telling us this story of her life in her old age, however, there is controversy around when and to whom she is telling this story to. Jane throughout the novel is confiding in the reader for why she made these decisions, which is why she is making an argument to the reader throughout the novel. While making this continuous argument she is also referring to the reader with compassion and hoping they will understand her situation, which is why the relationship between the reader and narrator is a friendly one. In the novel Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte has the narrator address the reader as a friend to show her true desires, open up about her true feelings, and prove her actions. The first time that the reader is addressed is not until the 11th chapter due to the fact that there is a change in her life. Jane goes from one beginning part of her life to the next the real story, as in the beginning of the adult portion of her life and her love story, begins in Chapter 11, which is why the reader is not addressed by then. Jane is moving…

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