Essay on Jainism Is The Ultimate Peaceful Religion

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Jainism is a religion first practiced in India but is now an international religion. Reaching across over many countries and races, Jainism is the ultimate peaceful religion. Many would say that Jainism is the true peaceful religion. There is an estimate of around 4-6 million followers of the religion. However, most the followers do live in India. There are two different types of groups in Jainism. One is called Digambara and the other is called Svetambara. The difference between these two groups is that Digambara stay to the original belief which the mocks wear nude, they believed that the environment was their cloth, and didn 't accept the changes of the Jain textbooks: also they didn 't accept women into becoming involved with the religion. Svetambara however, accepted to be clothed, the 45 Jain textbook, and women to enter the practices. The clothing that they mostly wear is a white cloth robe around the body, they don 't wear other colors besides white.
Women in Jainism where at first hard to accept. The Digambara “believed that women cannot become so pure that they could rise to the highest heaven or so impure that they would be reborn in the lowest hell” (Fisher, 2010) “they cannot renounce clothes” (Fisher, 2010) “they cannot be such skillful debaters as men” (Fisher, 2010) and “they are of inferior status in society” (Fisher, 2010). In other words, it is hard for women to be viewed in a respectable light with the Digambaras. However, the Svetambara view women as…

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