Essay about Is It A Waste Full Place?

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America is a very waste full place, “Less than half of the 250 million tons of municipal solid waste produced an- annually is recycled, composted, or incinerated for energy. Most is buried in landfills.” (Webber). There are so many options available to help cut back on the use of landfills and yet America continues to produce “more than 20 percent of the world’s trash” (Webber). One option is single-stream recycling which takes the hassle of sorting recyclables out of the consumer’s hands (Peek 68). Composting and incinerating are two others that could help cut down on waste in landfills. However there is a new idea of after a landfill has reached capacity, that it be turned into a renewable energy park (Gupta and Morris 78). This energy park could utilize wind turbines, solar panels, methane gas, and even geothermal energy (Gupta and Morris 78). America needs to do something about the amount of waste it produces annually. Recycling needs to be made easier and now it has. Single-stream recycling has been implemented in a number of states; “Of the 570 recycling facilities in the U.S., 240 now have single-stream operations, according to Eileen Berenyi, of the solid-waste research-and-consulting firm Governmental Advisory Associates” (Peek 68). I have worked in the field of waste management and I have personally used the single-stream method of recycling. In the company I was working for there was one thing we worked hard to prevent from entering the stream and that…

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