Essay about Is Facebook The New School Web Page?

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Title: “Is Facebook the New School Web Page?” by Matt Renwick (Jan. 20, 2015)
This article was about Facebook and whether the benefits of social media to connect classrooms with families outweighs any negatives. Many educators apparently believe that the benefits definitely overweigh the negatives. Sherry Marzofka is a kindergarten teacher at Howe Elementary School in Wisconsin. She was the first staff member to try out Facebook as a parent-communication tool. She saw the potential that this social media platform could have for classrooms. The steps that she took to ensure student privacy and safety was that she created the site using a professional email to keep it separate from a personal account, obtained parental permission to post student images and worked with a school-approved form, got the word out about the classroom Facebook page through newsletters and in person, and lastly provided link or feed of the Facebook page on the classroom web page. The success she has experienced with parent communication using this platform has prompted her to invest classroom dollars into a wireless digital camera. The benefits have also been realized at the district level. Colleen Dickmann, a superintendent of Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools says, “Using social media allows us, as a school district, to tell our story in the manner we want it told. We can publish stories that otherwise might not make it into the local media’s hands (Renwick 1).” Many…

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