Essay about Is America The Land Of Opportunity?

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Is America the land of opportunity? Are we really all living the American dream we imagined when starting our journeys to success in this country? Over the years, America has become the land of economic disparity, not opportunity. The American dream has changed and people now are happy just getting by. There are many factors that are detrimental to one’s ability to succeed; among them are socioeconomic status. One’s very class can even affect health and education. With sixty percent of Americans only owning 4 percent of the wealth, the difference between classes is only more evident each day (Mantsios 285). This inequality is a leading cause of Americans’ inability to not only succeed, but live their daily lives. What is a classic success story in America? Perhaps you work really hard at your job, rise in the ranks, and get paid accordingly. Perhaps you were lucky and landed a job that makes it possible for you to be successful. This is the case in Horatio Alger’s “Ragged Dick”. This tale displays a man acting heroically and saving a drowning boy, only to be rewarded by his father with a new suit and an outstanding job (247). A combination of merit, humility and luck help Dick get a job that pays significantly more than the average job at that time. This job, with the ability to move up and earn a higher wage, is a stepping stone to success for Dick. Immediately he begins to think of upgrading his living arrangement, and changing his name from Dick to Richard Hunter, Esq…

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