Is Abortion Becoming More Common Over The Years And Laws Essay

1106 Words Mar 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Abortion is becoming more common over the years and laws need to be put in place to put this to a stop. Women are having abortions or harming themselves to hurt the fetus when there are many other ways to get around the situation. To abort an innocent child’s life is not only morally wrong but using horrific procedures to do it is just senseless. Women getting an abortion, maybe think it is better for them, but in reality it is not in this process they are killing an innocent fetus who can feel the pain of the abortion. Many pregnant women are attempting to harm themselves which is hurting the fetus in them. In many cases hospitals do whatever they can to save the baby. Many laws and acts were and are in the process of being passed that recognizes a fetus as a legal victim during any state of development. (Graham 1) Women should be more careful and safe if they don’t want a baby or aren’t prepared for one. Many actions are being taken by the government to support the fetus to survive and have a life. The fetus deserves the right to live, they are just as much as a human/person that we are. In 2010 a woman tried to commit suicide while pregnant after her marriage failed by swallowing rat poison. Unfortunately that fetus did not survive but the women did and was charged with attempted murder. Women are attempting to do the most ridiculous things to harm the baby that they are carrying and themselves. Thankfully there are many laws placed to make sure justice is…

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