Is A Tourist An Ugly Thing? Essay

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Is a Tourist an Ugly Thing? A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid is an essay that begins with Kincaid lashing at the tourists that come from Europe and North America for their stay in Antigua. In the book she implies how the tourists are blinded by Antigua’s beauty and paradise that they don’t realize the flaws that lie beneath it all. Kincaid reveals her bitterness towards them and how she believes in that many of these tourists take their lives and the privilege to release their stress in Antigua. Her anger also resembles a bit of envy of the tourists for their freedom to do as they please in Antigua. The essay also moves on with the history which explains that Antigua has had many problems since it began as a British colony with slave trade and owners. More importantly she demonstrates to the reader about the government in Antigua, and shows why there are so many problems that need to be dealt with, and how a tourist contributes to these issues. It is quite understandable why she would be resentful towards tourists but there is not enough to justify her hard feelings against them. As so mentioned Antigua was once controlled by Great Britain and was a colony of slavery, hard labor and discrimination all under British rule. Antiguans had been under a great oppression for many years, and even after the slavery had ended the British still possessed them by establishing their laws into their government, banished their…

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