Iran 's Influence On Western Countries Essay

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To many young people in the west, Iran seems like a belligerent, hostile, and backwards foreign power that has a long-standing hatred for western countries. However, for most of it 's modern history, Iran was very friendly towards the west, especially Britain and the United States. All of this changed in 1979, when tensions had been mounting for almost 3 decades. The Iranian people led a violent revolution against the king, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, motivated by deep economic troubles, cultural differences, and religious reactions to the king 's secular policies. On April 1, 1979, an Islamic republic was founded, with religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini as its supreme leader. The Islamic republic led to a wave of extreme Islamic conservatism in the country, with all laws directly based on the Quran. This strict interpretation of Islamic teachings led to restrictions on the freedoms of almost everyone in the country, especially women and religious minorities. If the king of Iran had implemented reforms, including a return to traditional religious values and a shift away from dependence on the west, before it was too late, the revolution could have been averted, and this would have led to Iran being a far less conservative country today. In the mid 20th century, Iran was plagued with a number of problems that fueled the beginning of the revolution, including economic troubles, a repressive government, and cultural conflicts. Iran 's economy was largely based on exporting…

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