Iran Nuclear Framework Deal : How Did Iran Come? Essay

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Iran nuclear framework deal
How did Iran come to be?
Iran is known officially as The Islamic republic of Iran. Is one of the world’s oldest civilisation dated between 3800 to 3200 BC. Home to 78 million people Iran has the second largest population in Middle East after Egypt. Comprised of multiple ethnic and religious groups and has Farsi as its official language. As of 2015 Iran is under a distinctive political system feeding back to 1979 constitution which blends religion and democracy with a supreme leader who has sizable authority on political decisions
What is Iran’s position in the world?
Iran has the Middle East 2nd largest economy with an estimated GDP of 366 billion dollars between 2013 and 14. Geographically the country holds a unique position in the Middle East as its location is important in Eurasia and western Asia as well as the Strait of Hormuz, a historically significant choke point that is the only sea passage between the Persian Gulf and Open Ocean. Politically Iran has had incredibly hostile and strained relations with many countries notably the US, Israel and close neighbours Saudi Arabia. Ever since the late 70’s Iran has been accused by the west, of sponsoring terrorist activity abroad and trying to extend its influence. As such the spectre of a nuclear armed Iran does little to assure governments.
How are the relations between the us and Iran
The tenuous relationship between the western superpower and the middle east nuclear energy powerhouse can be…

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