`` Invisible Monsters `` By Chuck Palahniuk Essay

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Chuck Palahniuk has a quote from his book, Invisible Monsters, that goes “people are all over the world telling their one dramatic story and how their life has turned into getting over this one event. Now their lives are more about the past than their future” (1999, p. 117). As someone who has let the “one dramatic story” from their past take temporary reigns of their future, I would love the opportunity to put that story in my past and allow myself the future I originally had planned.
After graduating high school, I had grand ideas of what my future would be. Originally, I wanted to be a journalist but knew I could not uphold all of journalism ethics and standards, objectivity in particular, so switched my major to public relations so I was allowed more of a bias. I was excited about my career path and where my life was headed, that was until one fateful night when it seemed that my life became a cliché saying, “life changes in a heartbeat.” Without going into the surrounding details, I became the victim of sexual assault. The act left me broken and not the person I was before, I isolated myself from friends and family, stopped attending classes in the middle of the semester without dropping them, left my job, I let myself be the definition of a victim.
Once I regained control of my life and who I was, I thought I would give school college another go. I enrolled as a full time student, hoping to make up for lost time and get myself back on track for completing my degree. As…

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