`` Invisible Hands, The Businessman 's Crusade Against The New Deal ``

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Dr. Kim Phillips-Phillips-Fein’s’ book, “Invisible Hands; The Businessman’s Crusade against the New Deal”, traces the conservative intellectual movement and that of American business with their repeated response towards the Federal government’s intrusion into American capitalism from the 1930s through the end of the Reagan era. The author provides a chronological and succinct methodology detailing many historical precedents and incidents where American business had attempted to counter the effect of the US government’s over-reach. The “Invisible Hands” is a play on Adam Smith’s “an invisible hand” in his book “The Wealth of Nations.”
While Dr. Phillips-Phillips-Fein, in her book chronicles the numerous American businessmen’s response to the Federal government, however, she does not succinctly notes (in my opinion) that the Federal government even when challenged by American business firm still maintains a firm hold on the economics of business. In detailing the ways in which business executives sought to dismantle the economic and political realities of the New Deal Era, one of the strengths of “Invisible Hands” was clearly laying out the creation of conservative economic, political, and social groups with business executives at their helm. This revealed a new kind of “alphabet soup” of organizations which, instead of creating the New Deal, sought to break it down. As the author states towards the end of the book, conservative business activists: "…were convinced that…

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