Inflation, Unemployment And The Fed: Article Analysis

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Inflation, Unemployment and the Fed

The real GDP is short for real gross domestic product, and the GDP is the toal value of all final goods and or services produced within a certain year/timeframe. It is important to undertsand that the GDP only counts the final product or service being used one time to have an accurate count or rate for that certain time period. For example, to get an accurate rate on on how much soda was consumed in 2015 you would not count all the soda that was manufactured in 2015 only how much was purchased in 2015. The amount consumed verius the amount produced is going to be different. This is also the case for detremining how much soda was produced in 2015, you would not count the amount consumed and produced
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The first article written by The New York Times explains why the Fed supports economic stimulus. Economic stimulus is the term used to help a struggling economy. The Fed argues by decreasing interest rates and increasing the spending within the government are a couple examples of how economic stimulus works. In this article the Fed’s chairman Mr. Ben S. Bernanke explains to the Senate how they are improving the economy. Mr. Benanke states that the econmony is continuing to grow, however the unemployment rate still remains over 6.5%. The Senate does not agree with the thought process that the Fed is using to imrpove the econmy. The Senate feels that lowering the interest rates hurts the senior citizens of the country because it reduces their return rates on some of their investments. The Senate also agrues that the continuous decreasing of interest rates will not help the econmy grow unless inflation decreases and the employment rate rises. Mr. Benanke respectfullt does not agree with this based on the facts that his tactics have shown improvement within the country’s finicial system. Mr. Benanke states that the Fed has transferred billions of dollars into the country’s Treasury department and that the monetary policy does promoth growth and eventually job creation. He proceeds to urge Congress to continue to make gradual cuts within their finicial capabilities and we will continue to see this country pull out of this econmic struggle. The second article is written by Time mangazine and it explains what would happen if the Fed were to run out of ammunition to suppoort their views on economic stimulus. The same man as the previous article Mr. Benanke is on the chopping block again but this time he is at Capitol Hill testify his beliefs. He still is in agreeance with what he is doing is right and will help the economy but that facts are not roving his theroy

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