Individuality Vs Modern Society Essay

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Traditional and modern society have a very clear difference on economical views.
Modern economy is much more complex then a traditional, because the traditional family uses gender and age to divide the workload and there is no skills needed. Families prestige is highly emphasized even more then wealth. Only your own bloodline is considered trustworthy and everyone else are viewed as competitors. If those believes did not exist in traditional society women and children from poorer families would have been able to go to schools and get education. In contrast between modern society and mass society, mass society allows private ownership and the community allows the involvement of government in economy. Mass society does not distinguish people
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“The solidarity of the family group restricts the expression of purely individual feeling, opinions, and personality” (Campbell, 102). From this quote we can see the reason Campbell disagrees with the term individuality instead, he thinks that family’s viewpoint in restricting the expression of individual feelings. In this excerpt he describes “that individual members are normally described by reference to the father”, the fathers holds the power until the marriage of his oldest son (Campbell, 102). The women who is getting married takes her husbands name and despite the fact that she became self dependent she would have to obey the rules of higher status male in the family. It is clearly shown that individualism is unwanted in the traditional household, in the end everything comes down to the sexual hierarchy and male are at the top. In a patriarchal society individualism cannot exist simply because male have the dominant role in the family and that is decided from birth. There is no room for individuality nor it is accepted and all you should be concerned about is the family honour. Traditional family is more focused on honour and how they are perceived in the society. When one might think of a family he or she can describe it as love, a loving family that supports each other and embraces one another. However the concept of love was not accepted in a …show more content…
Because we live in an era of multiculturalism, LBGTQ where one does not have to categorize themselves as a men or a women, freedom of speech and the breakthroughs in the medical world to save lives. From many generations people fought for their rights, freedom and equality while only the traditional society sets us back. Change is inevitable, it is in our own human nature to prosper and imagine and utopian society for all. Traditional society limits individual thoughts, imagination, freedom and looks down upon women. Although, as Professor Colin mentioned in the lecture that a society is neither completely traditional nor completely modern, and it seems to me as if the society I have been bought up is much more modern than traditional. Also, traditional

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