Importance Of Language In Communication

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The use of language is necessary for effective communication. As Gee and Hayes define, language is a ‘cognitive function’ as well as a ‘set of social conventions’, and can be considered a physical entity (2011, p. 6). Humans experience many diverse situations and settings, daily, in which language is needed. In these varying circumstances, differing expectations, demands, and understandings are placed on the language that is employed. Due to these differing situations people will employ different language registers, codes, syntax, pragmatics and semantics. Contrary to the many differences between oral and written language most writers discuss, Elbow (2010) argues that, as all writing can be spoken and all speech can be written down, the differences …show more content…
In the classroom the language teachers use is being subconsciously monitored and learnt by the students’ (Senior, 2006). Due to this, teachers will need to consciously use more formal language, for example, “Mark, do your work.” would need to be replaced with “Mark, what’s wrong? How can I help you concentrate?”. In comparison, students’ do not understand this subconscious learning, and will communicate with each other using informal, and perhaps colloquial, language, for instance “Sally, what’s the time?” or “That’s my ball, …show more content…
Semi-formal language will be utilised when brief notes and corrections are highlighted, such as “wrong spelling” or “remember to bring your homework tomorrow.”. Alternatively, more formal language will be important when an assignment is being outlined or letters and emails are sent home to parents. In these circumstances, formal language is important to help ensure misconceptions are not accidently made (Crystal, 2005). Likewise, when in contact with parents, teachers will use formal language in order to present their professionalism and avoid misconceptions. This contact will often be made in letters home regarding class excursions or about a particular

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