Importance An Individual's Theory Of Criminal Behavior

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Monica Frackowiak Rhetoric 102-001 Paper#4 The sociology of criminal behavior
Understanding criminal behavior has been a concern for years due to the increase of violence in our society. Can criminal behavior be a part of genetics? Or is criminal behavior learned? Can surroundings influence an individual's perspective on criminal behavior? A criminal is an individual who is taking part of, or guilty of committing a criminal offense. There is more to criminal behavior than what is just presented on the surface. Such as the thought process, environmental influences, mental illnesses, genetic influences regarding why individuals
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Over the years many theorists have been debating the concept Nature vs. Nurture. The nature side of the concept explains the items we cannot control such as our genetics, DNA. Our genetic makeup varies from individual to individual; it's something we cannot change. The nurture side is what individuals have experienced throughout their life, the lessons we have learned, and who plays an influence in our lives. According to “Crime Traveler”, written by Fiona Guy, writes “Why some people exhibit violent and aggressive behavior where others are entirely passive and non violent is a question that has received particular attention. In searching for answers on the origin of violence, the debate of nature and nurture revolves at the center”. Basically the moments we have experienced throughout our lives that shaped individuals to the kind of individual they are today.” more personal aspects come into play here; whether we receive love as children or whether we were neglected. Whether our home and social environment was nurturing and beneficial for learning those key parts of humanity; empathy,care,sympathy, love, or whether we were surrounded by violence, neglect, and abuse.”(Guy). All these factors play a role in our nurture. Theories have been debating which outweighs the other. Although some theorist may lean towards just one concept regarding criminal behavior, yet there is more …show more content…
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