Implementing Waste Separation And Recovery Since 1989 Essay

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1.1.4 Japan
10740BJapan had begun to implement waste separation and recovery since 1989. In recent 20 years, it has gained rich experience about the formulation of waste disposal relevant laws, specific management of residents putting garbage , and even the knowledge of circular economy for residents.
10741BIt has strict and meticulous waste classification criteria for resource waste, combustible waste, non-combustible waste, hazardous waste, plastic waste, metal waste, and bulky waste, which are further subdivided into a number of sub-categories. Resource garbage can be recycled, and combustible waste is incinerated to make fertiliser ; non-burnable garbage is used to fill in the sea to grow grain. Environmental authorities issue the "garbage collection calendar ', and residents should meet the specific requirements at home. They complete garbage classification, and the environmental sector will agree a certain day a certain week in a month to specialised recycling of various types of garbage. This systematic institutionalised recovery system is very detailed considering from designing to implementation steps and manages every aspect effectively.
1.2 Classification of Domestic advanced cities and collection of MSW
10742BSince June 2000, China has set Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, and other eight cities as MSW collection pilot cities. The pilot collection has been implemented for nearly 10 years, and other dozens of cities also carry out various forms…

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