Impact Of The Un Partition Plan On The Arab Israeli Conflict Essays

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The impact that the UN Partition Plan had on the Arab-Israeli Conflict was colossal as the tension was transformed into violence after the plan had been implemented. This was due to the reactions that both Arab and Jewish people had regarding the plan, the wars resulting from the plan and the results and consequences of these wars. In its simplest form the Arab-Israeli Conflict did not begin when the UN Partition Plan was implemented but was heightened from the tension between the Arabs and Jews.

The UN Partition Plan was proposed to create peace between the two conflicting groups and divide Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state with Jerusalem internationalised into a city. On November 29th 1947 the United Nations voted on the Partition Plan with thirty-three nations supporting the division of Palestine into two separate states including the USA, France, Australia and the Soviet Union. Nations including Muslim bloc, India, Yugoslavia and Greece along with nine other nations opposed this separation. During this vote there were also ten abstentions including Britain. However, the Arabs didn’t agree with the details of the Partition Plan, in particular the amount of land each side was being awarded. Arabs hosting a larger population of the land were given the smallest portion of land as the country was split into three states; Arab state, Jewish state and an international city of Jerusalem as the city was important to both Arabs and Jews. “The Partition Plan gave…

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