Impact Of Global Change On The Earth 's System Essay

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Global change consists of the changes that occur in the earth’s system. The processes of global change are influenced by many factors that affect the land, oceans, atmosphere and the societal and historical parts of life, however, the main driver of global change is the growing human population and their development of industrialisation. This happened due to the demand for energy, such as coal, foods, such as fruits that aren’t in season, goods, such as clothes that couldn’t be made by hand and services and information. Aspects such as capitalism, the usage of technology to stay mobile, colonialism and imperialism have also influenced global change. Throughout history, industrialisation caused by the Industrial Revolution has played a very large role in the formation of the modern world we live in today. The Industrial Revolution has changed almost everything in relation to our lifestyle and how humans live. It was a period of transformation from an agricultural economy to an urban, mass producing economy including many positive and negative effects on the earth and society. The Industrial Revolution has improved human development, health, social improvements and has had an impact on natural recourses and energy usage in many countries including countries of Europe, China, India and many more. It helped shape the modern world by technologies used that allowed goods to be mass produced. There is a clear contrast between the way humans used to live before The Industrial…

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