Immanuel Kant: The Most Influential Thinker Of Enlightenment Era

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“Live your life as though your every act were to become a universal law.” Immanuel Kant is a German philosopher. Kant was known as the most influential thinker of Enlightenment era. Kant is one of the greatest western philosophers of all time. Immanuel Kant was most known for his Critique of Pure Reasoning work. Kant is also known for his work on epistemology, which is the theory of knowledge. Kant even did work on aesthetics and ethics, these had influenced many philosophers and contemporary philosophers. Immanuel Kant was known as the father of modern philosophy. Kant was born in Konigsberg, Prussia or what is today known as Kaliningrad, Russia on April 22, 1724. Kant was the fourth out of nine children. Immanuel’s parents’ names were Johann Georg Cant, who was a …show more content…
Shortly realized he was engrossed to mathematics and physics. In 1746, Kant was forced to leave university, because his father had died. Since his father’s passing Kant had to help his family. For ten years Kant worked as a private tutor for the rich. In the stretch of the ten years Kant printed numerous documents that dealt with the scientific questions. The scientific questions were about the middle ground that was between rationalism and empiricism. Kant had returned to the University of Kongsberg to finish is an education in 1755. Kant received his doctorate in philosophy that same year. Kant worked as a lecturer, tutor, and wrote major work for philosophy. Kant became a full tome professor at the University of Kongsberg in 1770. Kant taught the subject of metaphysics and logic.
Immanuel in 1781 published the Critique of Pure Reason. The westerns thought that the critique of pure reason was a huge and extremely important. Kant clarifies how the reason and knowledge cooperate with the thought and understanding. The revolutionary offers to explain how person’s mind arranges to understand the way the world

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