IS/IT Outsourcing Case Study

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To avoid going on, we can do the existence of a system that can provide protection from threats not unexpected. This can reduce the risk of these threats from ever happening.

In addition, workers or labor to learn something new about the threat system IS / IT outsourcing is to ensure that it can be helpful to those who are not experienced in this field and thus can produce a good IT generation to combat the threat of IS / IT outsourcing .

Discuss measures companies need to take in order to prevent computer systems failure.

For a company that needs protection while it is very important to ensure that the threat can not prevent trespassing in a computer system failure. Some of a company should be subject to ensure computer system failure will not occur. Some companies require preparation steps such as

- Backup the data
Need to keeping at least one copy of the original data, preferably not in the same disk. - Practise good working habits
It will help to prevent major data loss during computer failure and in the worst case scenario, will help to increase the chance of successful recovery.

- Use anti-virus and keep
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Then people working divided RBS few years ago that was deleted restore a computer system operative banking group but not experienced have deleted all scheduling RBS have not commented on the claims. Therefore, the bank has promised to pay damages for the whole of what happened that caused the relatively high cost outlay.

Therefore, Mr. Hester will confessed to reduce senior staff member of RBS on the things that happen. At the beginning of the year, Mr Hester had to waive bonus shares after objections from the public and political pressure even advice from the financial services authorities expect RBS to provide a complete account so that it can be taken for precautionary measures to ensure the risk of problems occurring can overcome in the future.

b) Do you get any information and gain knowledge regarding the issue?

Yes, I got some information and knowledge about the issue where it has taught us to be prepared for any problems that we face, whether directly or not. It also helps us in terms of all the problems can be even less likely the problem.

In addition, I also learned something new so that the issue can be something that we learn from the mistakes of what's going on in the

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