Essay about Hunting And The Uses Of Tools

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Hunting and the use of tools are connected; without tools, there would not be any hunting, and without hunting, what would you really use tools for? Archaic Homo sapiens are associated with middle Paleolithic tool assemblages (developed Oldowan and Acheulean tools), and cannibalism as well as hunting other large and small animals. Archaic Homo sapiens used developed Oldowan and Acheulean tools, as well as prepared core (Conroy and Pontzer). Most of these tools used were either made from stone or bone. Most of the smaller stones consisted of flakes or broken cores and were most commonly made from flint; the larger ones were typically made from quartz (Conroy and Pontzer). Bone tools seemed to have many different uses within this specific site, Bilzingsleben, where they were discovered. “Animal bones were fashioned into straight and bowed scrapers, knife-like cutting tools, chisels with splintered ends, shaver-like tools and needle and awl-like cutting tools” (Conroy and Pontzer, 1997, 460). Hominins from this site are also associated with “well-made bifacial hand axes and cleavers” (Conroy and Pontzer, 1997, 477). Hominins from the Atapeurca site in Spain are associated with more of an Oldowan level of tool technology because of the lack of hand axes, picks, blades, and cleavers (Conroy and Pontzer, 1997, 456). Fire is a recognized tool used by archaic Homo sapiens. The use of fire is associated with tools because it aided in activities and acted as a tool. At the…

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