Paradise Saved: Poem Analysis

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Community is one of the most crucial aspects of the human experience. Connection with others is something that is craved by, but not attained by, all. Pride is one of the main attributes that can lead to a lack of community. When a person is prideful they become a thorn to others around them and are unable to connect deeply with people. When humility is apparent however, these connections can be developed because the person is able to admit when they are wrong others can gather around them in comfort. In “Paradise Saved (Another Version of the Fall)”, A. D. Hope reworks a familiar biblical story to clearly show, through the specific use of pronouns and the description of Adam and Eve’s character, that pride leads to a life of solitude but humility leads to community. …show more content…
In the biblical story after Eve eats of the forbidden fruit she gives some to Adam and he also eats of it. In, “Paradise Saved (Another Version of the Fall)” however, only Eve eats of the fruit. We are told, “Adam, indignant, would not eat with Eve.” This leads to only Eve having to leave the garden. As the poem continues God gives Eve another “helpmeet”, but Adam is left in solitude. Adam watches in envy as Eve has a life with her new partner. This contrasts the biblical story in which Adam and Eve together start a new life outside of the garden. One key turning point in the poem is between the two stanzas when there is a shift in the pronoun used for

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