Human Security Vs. Politics Essay

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The humanity law framework involves a change of norms as well as different direction of enforcement. This provides new insights and causes a new shift to transition from a purely political discourse of state interests. Hence, it highlights other issues on the states’ political agenda. The alteration of norms consists of a “constitutive of the emerging global order, in part, by serving a central discursive function.” This allows for a different approach to analyze the interests that are at stake which are human security vs the states’ interests. Sovereignty is eroding because its legal order addresses primarily states and state interests in its political agenda. Therefore, the individual of the state are now beginning to create the core, and a non-sovereignty based normativity is manifesting itself. This newly normative that is developing is called humanitarian law which opposes the foundation of sovereignty because it provides necessity to the people rather than the states’ needs. Humanitarian law provides a new change in the international sphere by shifting the balance between law and politics which is a movement towards peace and human security.
This is noted through the Nuremberg trials after War World II to the present because “human rights law has evolved in both its substance and process.” Before the trials, there were only a handful of policies and treaties that protected people and since the Nuremberg trials, “an array of global and regional treaties…

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