Hr After a Disaster Essay

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In a large employing mostly highly organization educated professionals is another perspective on management theory and practice was also emerging. Generally referred to as classical organization theory, this perspective is concerned with structuring organizations effectively. Whereas scientific management studied how individual workers could be made more efficient, classical organization theory focused on how a large number of workers and managers could be most effectively organized into an overall structure. The basic premises underlying the human relations movement are that people respond primarily to their social environment, that motivation depends more on social needs than on economic needs, and that satisfied employees work harder …show more content…
Theory Y manager is the only way to motivate employee. For example, managers should adopt participative decision making, provide challenging jobs and have good group relations to motivate workers such as job satisfaction are the major causes of employee behaviours such as job performance. The ways to fulfil their need for achievement is by using three need theories is need for achievement is the drive to succeed and excel in relation to a set of standards. Thus, need for power is the need to make others behave in a way that they would not have behaved otherwise. Besides that, the last is need for affiliation is the desire for friendly and close interpersonal relationship (JAYA, 2014). Organic structure is more suitable for motivating the highly educated professionals is some people prefers mechanistic structures because highly adaptive form that is as the mechanistic organization is rigid and stable. Rather than having standardized jobs and regulations, the organic organization’s loose structure allows it to change rapidly as required. Thus, employees tend to be professionals who are technically proficient and trained to handle diverse problems (P.ROBBIN, 2014). Some people prefers organic structures because of the low work specialization (challenging

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