How Photography Became An Art Essay

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How photography became an art:
Though photography in the twenty first century can be counted as an art, it wasn’t always considered to be one. When the process for capturing an image first made its appearance there were debates over whether it should be counted as a science, or whether it was a tool for anthropology, and the documentation of the ‘dying’ cultures. Never the less it evolved to being an aspect of art, but how? In this essay I will explain how photography became an art of the working class instead of the Bourgeoisie and thus how it became a product of capitalism.
The Daguerreotype was one of the first photographic techniques to be employed. The process of creating a permanent image on a metallic plate was first discovered by the French artist Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre. He discovered that he could make a clear image using the already used camera obscura and silver-coated copper plates that were sensitized to light with iodine. The result was a remarkably accurate representation of still life images. The long exposure time meant that the process could not capture movement so the scenes would often appear to be vacant of life. One such image which shows this is the image boulevard du Temple, Paris created in 1839 by Daguerre himself. This iconic picture only has life in the man standing to get his shoes polished in the left hand corner of the image; the polisher is hardly visible from his own movement. However other than the lack of human life in the picture,…

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