How Nature Does Nature Affect The Earth And The People Who Live Within It

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Nature in the Wind Aspects of nature can be found just about everywhere on our planet, and because of this, many different opinions from billions of writers from across the globe conclude different theories about how nature affects the Earth and the people who live within it. From the successful Disney film, “Pocahontas,” the naturistic song, “Colors of the Wind,” composed by Stephen Schwartz, connects deeply with the transcendental values of two writings by Henry Thoreau and Ralph Emerson. Emerson’s short story, “Nature” connects very much with Schwartz’s ideas of “Colors of the Wind,” as it affixes deeply with both the details and imagery. As well as “Nature,” Thoreau’s article, “Walden,” also demonstrates the same naturistic propositions that Schwartz makes in his award-winning Disney song. In the song, the lyrics display imagery signifying the importance of nature and the relationship between humans and the Earth. The chorus also signifies the beauty of how our surroundings are created to be so unbelievably alluring. Both of the writings by Thoreau and Emerson shed a light on the imagery of Schwartz’s trancedalist song, but in some ways, all three of these writers differ in the meanings behind their individual pieces. Throughout Emerson’s writing of “Nature,” he refers to the idea of connection and relationships. Emerson recalls that nature identifies with having an experience with humans. Emerson believes that the relationship between man and nature is extremely…

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