Essay on How Is Plastic Waste Effecting The Environment?

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How is plastic waste effecting the environment? According to studies conducted in 2013, an estimated three hundred million tonnes of plastic had been produced, this figure is a four percent increase from the same study conducted a year earlier. If the production of plastic was to increase by 4 percent every year, by the year 2040 plastic production will have increased to a frightening eight hundred and sixty-five million tonnes (Gourmelon, 2015). The serious consequences plastic waste is having on the environment, human population and animal life is severe. Predictions indicate, if plastic production was to reach the above number, it would see an estimated two hundred and sixteen million tonnes of plastic waste end up in landfill (Gourmelon, 2015). Considering the complex problems involved and the ripple effect plastic waste has on the world, it is evident more sustainable procedures are required in order to prevent the dire consequences that are currently inevitable (Weber, 2015).
Why does plastic waste effect the environment? Plastic is made from oil, fossil fuel and limited unsustainable dangerous resources, such as, phthalate plasticizers, phthalates and bisphenol A, (BPA). According to recent studies, approximately four percent of the world’s oil production is used as the main raw material to make plastic, while an equal sum is incinerated for energy purposes when producing said plastic (Dubbo City Council, 2009). Furthermore, the complex manufacturing processes of…

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