Essay on How Ego Is The Other I

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Alter ego in Latin means “the other I”, which suggest that a person with such characteristics can have two different personalities. There are different factors that aide the creation of an alter ego, for a new self is not just created involuntarily and automatically. Psychology explains such occurrence as Dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder) , and according to the Human Diseases and Conditions article, is a condition of psychiatric nature in which a person develops two or more personalities which take over or control the person’s behavior. The personalities developed by an individual tend to be part of extreme forms of dissociation. A person showing dissociation tends to have compartmentalized emotions, thoughts, sensations or memories. One symptom associated with dissociation include derealization which is an alteration in the perception of the external world, which makes it seem unreal; another symptom can be depersonalization, this occurs when the affected can watch him or herself act, in such case the person sees the actions but has no control over him or herself. In addition, subjects also present symptoms of amnesia, which happens in between personalities and keeps each sub-personality unaware of the other states. Furthermore, it only takes two personalities for such symptoms to be determined as Dissociative Identity Disorder, as long as each of the personas takes complete control over the mind and body. Often, one of the…

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