Essay on How Does Technology Affect Society?

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After reflecting on the portfolio I have created, I would describe my perspective of society to be open. Open, meaning I am tolerating and accepting of people and ideas which differ from my own. I may not always agree with a point of view or idea, however, I respect everyone 's right to freedom of speech and do not judge others because they differ from myself. I am open to new ideas, as well as being open to learning about people who differ from myself. As for perspectives we discussed in class, I have both the perspectives of how society influences the individual and how the individual influences society. I am interested in how technology is affecting our society and I am also interested in how one individual can have such a large impact on society. I hope to one day be the individual who has an impact on society by having an impact on the students who come into my classroom.
I find all of the social theories we discussed in class relevant to different situations in life. For example, I used the structural-functional theory in my third unit paper to describe our education system. The structural-functional theory views society as an intricate system, including multiple parts which must work together to promote solidarity and stability. Education is a part of society’s intricate system which allows society to function properly. Another social theory is the social-conflict theory. Social-conflict theory looks at the inequalities which generate conflict and change. One example…

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