How Does Segregation Affect Our Society

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The Various Forms of Segregation and How It Has Affected Our Modern Day Society

Segregation is the disassociation of people due to characteristics that may differentiate from someone else's, which eventually leads to discrimination as well as a great deal of controversy. It is one of the world’s most prevalent, yet overlooked issues due to its ties to slavery. It can be manifested in various ways such as age, gender and racial, all of which produce similar outcomes. Racial segregation is the most common form, and has negatively impacted the world for centuries, and still occurs in the world today. Age and gender segregation however, have only recently emerged as major issues. Regardless of how different each form of segregation is from one
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The article titled “Gender Segregation and Civil Rights” written by Lise Eliot alludes to this. In her article, Eliot discusses how the authoritative division of people by age or gender can promote stereotyping and prejudice (Eliot 2013). Eliot then follows with an implication claiming that instances such as gender-segregated classrooms, can reinforce the stereotypical belief that men are more intellectual than women (Eliot 2013). In a similar article titled “ The Dimensions of Occupational Gender Segregation in Industrial countries”, the authors Jennifer Jarman, Robert Blackburn and Girts Racko convey an identical point. The authors piece is vastly centered around segregation in the workplace. They allude to the fact that it is far more difficult for women to climb to the top of the occupational hierarchy, despite having similar or in some cases, more credible credentials than men (Jarman, Blackburn, Racko 2012). Although the two articles stated above discuss different types of segregation, they do seem to find common ground in the sense that every person is affected by some form of segregation. Both articles also convey similar beliefs in that they insinuate that there is drastic need for …show more content…
(Bunday 2013) suggests that if parents wish to keep their children from experiencing segregation in school, then homeschooling is the way to go. He says this method is the most effective because not only does it give children the opportunity to learn at their own pace, they are not unwillingly forced to be isolated from peers (Bunday 2013). However, (Plug, Webbink, and Martin 2017) declares that if members of the lgbt community wish to avoid segregation, they should keep their sexual orientation hidden. Another potential solution stated in (Pitlane Magazine 2017), is that society as a whole, should just respects everyone’s core values and not try to interfere with their lives.
Although many of the solutions differ, the overall consensus to segregation is that people must first look within themselves and realize that a change needs to occur. The authors all managed to achieve their goal of asserting their claims, respectively. They did that through the use of statistics, research, expert opinions and a few personal

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