How Does Hg Wells Use Power In The Invisible Man

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The Invisible man Invisible man is something we do not hear on a daily bases. The man who change everything with his power will be shown through the actions he decides to make during the novel The invisible Man by H.G Wells. We are shown how great of a writer Wells is. We can recognize the theme of power in the actions of the invisible man has made throughout his novel. In The Invisible Man, Wells exercise the symbolism of power and self-control to develop the theme of power. Power is something we all want it is useful in life. It can be use in a harmful way or for the good of people. Wells uses the invisible man to show us the many ways the theme of power from the start of the ending of this work. Wells Is a smart guy how was written and shown power in his works he has done for himself and publicly for us to be able to use. I have really enjoyed this Novel it has helped me to view things in a different point …show more content…
Anyone can learn self-control and relate skills even child can. Abraham Lincoln said “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power” (Sharp 274). This really true give anyone power and you will know who they really are. The way they come when they are given power can be really good or bad. You will know them by their fruits says the Bible. Self-control is the ability to maintain goal- directed behavior in the face of temptations. The inviable man had the choice to control himself, by the choice not to. When the invisible man screamed out loud he did not have self-control. Examining the effect of the belief that self-control is a malleable verse (Mukhopadhyay 242). Supervisor power motivates individuals to control their behavior. The invisible man was kind of a supervisor to the characters in the book. Not the best one out there, but they behaved when he was around. Power and self- control may server to motivate others to have self-control over them

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