How Does Emerson Influence Nature

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Every master piece has an artist behind the paint brush or pen. These artists had many different things that inspired them to create these excellent pieces of work. Painters had models or a beautiful scenery to inspire the mind. Just like painters writers also had many things that helped them create these wonderful works of literature. Exactly how nature inspired many of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s works of literature. Emerson used nature to provide a comparison of what he was writing about to the real world such as nature. In some of his poems such has “The Rhodora”, “Each and All”, and “Nature”. All of these poems by Emerson use nature to influence the writings.
Just like Edgar Allen Poe, Emerson is part of the romanticism stages of writing. He
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For example when he says “To please the desert and the sluggish brooks”. (Emerson Central.1). When you picture a desert you think of dry barren land. He writes this so the reader pictures the Barren waste land but then they see the beautiful purple flower in the middle of the desert. That one flower changes the entire picture and thoughts of that desert. Just how God can change our thoughts and perceptions of things in our lives. Also when he says “Then Beauty is its own excuse for being”. (Emerson Central.1.). Emerson is saying the flower does not have to have a reason for existing except for being beautiful. The power and beauty of this flower is so strong that it has the power to turn anything beautiful. Just how God doesn’t need a reason for the things he does and sets out for us to do. Emerson keeps these comparisons between nature and spiritual meanings in all of his works of …show more content…
For example when he says “The lover watched his graceful maid, as ‘mid the virgin train she stayed, Nor knew her beauty’s best attire”. (Poetry Foundation.2.). He is saying that instead of treating intercourse as a horrible thing. You should see it in a natural light that intercourse means new life to the world. Also when he says “Again I saw, again I heard, The rolling river, the morning bird; Beauty through my senses stole; I yielded myself to the perfect whole.”. (Poetry Foundation.2.). He is saying that things we perceive as ugly and not appropriate is our opinion when we aren’t looking at the entire picture. That in order to see the true beauty of something we have to be able to look at the whole picture. Again using nature to show the correspondence between the spiritual and the

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