How Does Change Affect Society? Essay

727 Words May 6th, 2016 3 Pages
Caribbean history is a very important topic that should be learned and taught in a specific manner to students. When students learn Caribbean history they remember the mistakes that our ancestors made when colonizing the region, what was done to change it, and how these changes are still visible in our world today. In addition, Students see how that change has impacted society, learn what we have to do in order for history to not repeat itself, and see what we can today in order to change the problems that still linger today. When beginning a course in Caribbean Studies students are introduced to many pressing issues and may formulate questions regarding how it started and what was done in order to change. The first very important pressing issues that must be understood when introducing students to the Caribbean region is slavery. Although most students will have a basic knowledge of slavery from the US perspective, many fail to understand the differences between the combat of slavery in the US and the Caribbean. Although slavery ended a long time ago the citizens of the Caribbean have not forgotten. Lillian Guerra discusses in his essay “Why Caribbean History Matters,” how the impact of slavery has yet to dissipate in Caribbean as it has in the United States and other parts of the world. Guerra mentions a surgeon who went to Haiti to help at a field hospital after the 2010 earthquakes and what he encountered when he arrived to the hospital (Guerra, 1).…

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