How Did John Locke Protect Individual Rights

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In the social liberty, it can be tackled from few aspects, such as rights, freedom, equality, religion and toleration. Both Locke and Marx believed on rights and obligations of human but Locke believed that human entitles for rights such as right for life, liberty and health along with his line of natural rights theory, but Marx attacked his view, arguing that human rights purposed by Locke was merely a doctrine in advancing the interest of private property. In his view, every right was the right of inequality since it applied an equal standard to unequal individuals (Andrew, 1994).
In the context of freedom, it is obvious that Locke and Marx protect people’s freedom by rejecting slavery. Both of them also agreed that the role of government is to as well protect people’s freedom, for Locke, it is to protect people’s freedom for choice while for Marx, it is to protect people’s freedom from exploitation and being as the “true individual” to fully development his capability (Andrew, 1994).
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For Locke, human are equal to defense their rights (Powell,1996). He argued that everyone has the right to the natural resources given by the mixture of his own labor (Sandel, 2011). No one has the right to violate the freedom of life or property of others (Powell, 1996). However, for Marx, he viewed the equality as the status of human beings. He advocated the idea on classless society, which human are all equal, they should not struggle for their class status (Rational Revolution, 2003). In addition, the exchange of labor to material or salary is never been equal since there is a society surplus (Judy,

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