How Believable Would It Be On Our Modern Day Society? Essay

1936 Words Oct 25th, 2016 8 Pages
How believable would it be if someone claimed that most of what we know about power and order, is based off of either pre-Benthamist, Benthamist, and Foucauldian views? And to what degree is the panopticon idea true to our modern day society? Pre-Benthamist view involves physical torture or simply being an attraction for others in a shaming type of way, and over all the instilment of terror. Benthamist, is more directed to controlling of the space and time over others, and Foucauldian basis its self on surveillance. Which means people can be both prisoner and guard at the same time. It may not even seem that these definitions fit anywhere in our supposed society of western culture. The panoptic ideals will tie into everything along the way. But indeed it is definitely seen throughout all the stages of becoming and taking part in a children’s ministry.
Becoming a part of a children’s ministry is not like a walk in the park, it is much more difficult than anyone may believe. Once the person decides they wish to be a part of it, it is like signing your life away, but for a good purpose. With all that aside, the point is, once someone puts themselves in that position, you are subjected to being a part of a Foucauldian way of life. The way that comes into works is by the automatic functioning of power because once the person feels they are being consistently watched, they do more right than wrong and that goes to show that being punished is not their plans. In the children’s…

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